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Cascadia Labs is a cannabis-centric testing lab located in beautiful Mendocino County California. We offer industry-leading analytical services to meet regulatory and research requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your success.


The Cascadia Way

At Cascadia Labs, our experienced scientists use state-of-the-art instrumentation to deliver the highest-quality cannabis testing laboratory services available. It all starts with friendly customer service and communication. We work with our customers to understand their needsβ€”be it regulatory compliance testing or research projectsβ€”and develop a scope of services that is tailored to fit those needs. With consistent execution and great communication, we aim to support client partners for life.



Cannabis Testing Services

At Cascadia Labs, we offer timely and value-added services with a collaborative approach. Some of our core testing applications include the following:










Industry Leadership & Innovation


Cascadia Labs is more than a "testing lab." In addition to our direct experience with the cannabis plant and cannabis derivative products, our scientific background has extensive roots in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, environmental, food safety, and industrial hygiene industries. Our services go beyond cannabis complianceβ€”we have technical experts available to support your research and drive forward your product or process, whatever it may be.


We are here to support hemp farmers with pre-harvest THC testing, along with testing services for hemp extracts and products. Find more info on our Hemp Services Page.

Cultivation Classic.png

Cascadia Labs is proud to help showcase premier cultivators and work with inspirational thought leaders in producing the Cultivation Classic. Find more info on our Collaborators Page.

Leaf Ratio Analysis.jpeg

We are pleased to offer leaf ratio analysis to tell you if a seed start is THC or CBD predominant within the first couple months of normal growth. For more information on these types of services, contact us!



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