Testing Services

Testing Services

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Cannabinoid Potency

Cascadia Labs has specialized in cannabinoid potency since our inception. We were the first testing lab in Oregon to offer liquid chromatograph (LC) potency testing of cannabis. In California, our suite of cannabinoid profiling methods has been developed specifically for the complex and diverse matrices seen in the cannabis industry—from plant to extract to product, we have an accurate potency test for you. If you are looking for more than THC and CBD, our extended potency packages include over a dozen reported cannabinoids.

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Terpene Potency

Terpenes are the predominant flavor and fragrance compounds in cannabis—many of them also have a physiological response that impacts the user experience. Cannabis varieties express different terpene ratios based on genetic and environmental conditions. Considering the user outcomes and taxonomic aspects of terpenes is invaluable for cannabis cultivators and breeders. We offer more than 20 terpenes by gas chromatography (GC), with more available when requested by discerning cultivators and breeders looking for specific targets.

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Pesticide Residues

The analysis of pesticide residues is a critical quality control measure for any agricultural crop to assure public health and safety. Cascadia Labs has state-of-the-art instrumentation platforms—liquid and gas chromatography with triple-quadruple mass detectors—that meet the demanding requirements of analyzing trace levels of pesticides in complex matrices. Our pesticide residue services are built to meet regulatory requirements for cannabis items in California with multi-residue analytical methods. With our capabilities, we can also offer additional pesticides when requested.

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Residual Solvents

Extraction of cannabis to manufacture cannabinoid products often involves the use of a variety of different solvents. The spectrum of solvent targets varies widely when considering chemical attributes of these targets. We take into account these complexities and offer residual solvent services that assure accurate analysis for both the ‘light’ hydrocarbons such as propane/butane as well as the ‘heavier’ molecules such as hexane.

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Water Activity

Water activity is the measure of water that is trapped along outside edges of the plant cells making up the cannabis flower. This water is available to microorganisms—bacteria and fungi—for growth and multiplication. Cascadia Labs deploys automated water activity meters for fast and accurate testing.

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With over two decades of experience analyzing inorganic contaminants in water and other environmental samples, we are pleased to bring this know-how to the cannabis industry. We offer heavy metal testing of cannabis items to assure that these products do not contain toxic contaminants. We can also test soils to determine if there are metals present that would pose risk of uptake by plants grown in these soils.

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After starting in Oregon, when microbiological testing was required on all cannabis items, we have expanded our scope of capabilities to provide efficient and robust services for the California marketplace. We have gained efficiency with rapid microbiological assays to shorten turnaround time for reports. We also offer soil biome review services and environmental air sampling for mold and other organisms in order to deliver valuable information that is needed for optimization of your growing environments.

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Foreign Materials

This may be a new regulatory requirement, but quality producers have always taken the initiative to keep out hair, bugs, and other debris from their product with good handling practices. The roots of our environmental laboratory service lines were in microscopy, and with this expertise we offer the cannabis industry of California a highly efficient and robust review of filth contaminants.