Oregon Hemp Services


Cascadia Labs holds necessary accreditation and training required by Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) to perform compliance testing for registered hemp farmers in the State of Oregon.

Pre-Harvest THC Testing

Oregon regulations for hemp include the requirement to have the crop tested for delta-9-THC not more than 30 days before harvest. Cascadia Labs is pleased to offer these field sampling and testing services to Oregon hemp farmers.

Do you know another hemp farmer? Multi-Site Discounts Available!

Services scheduled at multiple sites that are within approximately 50 miles of each other are eligible for significant discounts on the travel fee component of overall cost. In these cases, the travel fee can be split and applied across the group, with each farm paying a small portion of the fee. Ask your Cascadia Labs representative for more info on setting up a multi-site discount package.

Rapid Response

We are very aware of the time-sensitive nature of pre-harvest sampling/testing. Cascadia Labs has two company vehicles that can be dispatched across the entire state to execute sampling events. To ensure timely service during the busy pre-harvest season, we recommend setting up an account and establishing a sampling schedule in advance.

National Hemp Services


Working in accordance with the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018, Public Law 114-113, we are pleased to offer our suite of testing services to hemp producers, processors, and manufacturers located throughout the United States. With our accredited methods, we can perform testing on plant material, oils, or formulated products whether they were manufactured in Oregon, Florida, or anywhere in between.

Formulated Products

Be it for a human, a dog, or a horse, we have seen a variety of hemp-derived products come to market recently. These range from gel capsules to topical preparations. In the development and quality control of these products, there may be more components that need to be tested for than those contributed by the hemp plant. Do you have a product with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, or other ingredients formulated with hemp? We'd be happy to discuss formula-specific methodology for full characterization of your unique product.