A Shift in Focus for Cascadia Labs

Cascadia Labs Portland.png

Those reading this may already be aware of our decision to cease operations in the Oregon cannabis market. This post is to provide some context around our decision, while expanding on the exciting new direction our company is taking—and how we intend to continue providing the integrity, science, service, and innovation that is the basis of our founding vision.

The Oregon market has its challenges: small size, overproduction, falling prices, lab practices that undermine quality, regulators without resources for enforcement, and much more. With all these considerations, we have made the hard decision to close the facility in the Portland area.

So where do we go from here? California.

We are poised to launch our facility in Northern California in the next 60 days. With the ability to focus resources and transfer valuable knowledge gained over more than five years of operating in Oregon, we are confident that we will drive forward with great success and further realization of our vision.

In addition to the outstanding partnerships we have already developed in California, we intend to serve all our contacts in new territories with industry leading services. We look forward to partnering with companies that share our core values and mission. Together we will continue innovating with quality driven science, while delivering the value and beauty that is cannabis to our local and global communities.


Jeremy L. Sackett