Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I work with you?

Cascadia Labs’ believes in People First. At the heart of the services we provide is supporting the wellness and happiness of people. We start internally with our team, we are attentive to our customer’s needs, and we ensure that products available to the public are labeled accurately and are free of harmful contaminants.

We believe in Client Partners for Life. We create client relationships by being a valued and effective support resource for your organization. We see our clients not just a transaction - they are partners, and a part of our community.

We believe in Excellence. Good science stands at the forefront of our commitment to excellence. We apply the scientific method, best practices in lab operations, and a team of experts to achieve accurate and consistent results.

When will you be offering services in California?

Cascadia Labs’ has submitted our BCC annual license application and are currently working with our licensing analyst to complete the license process. Through July and August, we will have available R&D testing services. Depending on the BCC licensing cycle time, we expect to have regulatory testing services with compliant Certificates of Analysis (COA) available in August or September – just in time for fall harvest 2019!

What is your turnaround time?

We have different service levels available with turnaround times from 2 days up to 5 days for common offerings. We will provide you with a turnaround time commitment based on the needs of your operation. Surcharges may apply for rush samples that are prioritized for faster turnaround than our standard 5-day commitment.

What are your prices?

Because your company's fee schedule is based on several factors (turnaround time, tests needed, location, etc.) a specific proposal and quote can be provided once your needs are outlined. Our standard fee schedule for common analyses is available for review, though, we urge you to contact us today for a customized quote that maximizes value by considering your specific needs.

How do you assure consistent results?

Cascadia Labs’ has been leading the push to bring stronger quality requirements and standardization to the testing lab sector since we opened in 2013. We have sat on many technical committees and are actively working with international standard setting bodies to develop standardized procedures for all labs to follow. Furthermore, we have collaborated with other labs to address inconsistencies between our organizations. This is all on top of an extensive internal effort that goes well beyond our initial validation studies. We have set internal quality requirements that are often tighter than regulations require to assure that your results are accurate and reliable.