Cascadia Labs Collaborators

Our Collaborators


We are proud to serve customers across all sectors of the cannabis industry. In addition to direct support of our customers, we are excited to be working with many cannabis science-based collaborators in various ways. These collaborators have an aligned vision for the future of cannabis, and work diligently to advance the cannabis industry with science. Together, we strive to support a shared customer base in our collective markets. Some of our collaborators include:


Cultivation Classic

Cultivation Classic is the most scientifically rigorous cannabis competition in Oregon, for producers using a regenerative approach. Cultivation Classic is on a mission to develop a new taxonomy for cannabis, and each May brings together thousands of leaders in cultivation, culture and beyond for a series of events in Portland.

Cannabis Safety Institute

The Cannabis Safety Institute is composed of a large group of scientists and policy-makers who have come together to provide the scientific background needed to ensure that the Cannabis industry grows in a way that is safe and sustainable.

Phylos bioscience

Phylos Bioscience uses modern molecular genetics and computational biology to better understand the most important and least-studied plant in the world: Cannabis. The company uses science to create tools that are allowing a new industry to grow safely and sustainably. Phylos's services are designed to be used by producers of all sizes, from small home growers to large scale commercial operations.

Open Cannabis Project

Cannabis is in danger of going the way the rest of agriculture has gone: toward monoculture, centralization, and restrictive patenting. The Open Cannabis Project (OCP) was established by industry leaders to resist these forces and to protect the genetic diversity of the Cannabis plant as well as the economic diversity of the cannabis industry.

Habu Health

Habu Health is a cannabis research group, committed to improving health and wellness through scientific rigor.

Confident Cannabis

Founded on instilling trust and transparency in the cannabis industry, Confident Cannabis empowers all verticals in the supply chain—and ultimately consumers—to know what is made, who makes it, and what it’s made of in real-time. It’s the only place where cannabis producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers showcase and discover products from verified businesses with test results directly from licensed labs.